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French harpsichord, 2 keyboards, PRELUDE

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DoubleSingle Keyboard French Harpsichord "PRELUDE".

This harpsichord is made after the Goujon 2 keyboards harpsichord. The mechanic and soundboard are exactly the same, also the sound, but all the elements not in use for music were simplified.

Compass : 5 octaves , 61 notes from FF to f3.

Disposition : Two 8’ stops, one 4’ stop
Lute stop.

Keyboard :black polyester naturals , maple sharps. Almond tree/ maple optional

Dimensions : 2m34 x 0m90

Decoration : The case is painted with the colour of your choice.

Stand : 4 screwed feet, Trestle stand with four turned legs optional.

Transposition : 415/440 Herz

Price: 21 200 €