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PRELUDE harpsichord - 1 keyboard, 1 stop

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Single Keyboard Flemish Harpsichord "PRELUDE"

The Flemish harpsichord is an instrument with a very resonant sound, (a lot of treble harmonics in the colour) with a precise incisive touch, marvellously suited to the northern and polyphonic repertory, as well as continuo playing.

The instrument is easily adjustable; one can begin with only one stop (a single string plucked by note) and add the second stop when the musical need appears.

Technical description

Compass : 5 octaves , 60 notes from FF to f3 without the lower FF sharp

Disposition : One 8’ stop ( second stop optional).

Keyboard : Black mat polyester naturals , maple sharps .

Dimensions : 2m23 x 0m90

Decoration : The case is tinted and varnished in red , blue , green or brown .

Stand : 4 screw on legs .

Transposition : 415/440 Herz

Price: 9 500 €