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Italian harpsichord, 1 keyboard, GIUSTI

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This small Italian harpsichord with very bright sonority is admirably adapted to the accompaniment of the 17th century music. The Italian harpsichord sounds very different from the French and Flemish, characterized by a powerful attack. This attack is very effective in continuo playing. The tone is very rich in harmonics.

Technically, it is an Italian harpsichord with a false integrated case: the majority of the Italians have very thin cases in cypress (only 4 or 5 millimetres thick) In order to transport them, one must put them in a transport case, which increases the weight considerably. The Giusti has a false case in cypress fixed in a light case in poplar. This makes the instrument very easy to move, solid and light.

Technical description:
Compass: 45 notes from C/E to c3 with short octave*
Disposition: Two stops of 8’.
Keyboard: Boxwood naturals, walnut sharps. Carved keyfronts in walnut.
Dimensions: 1m94 x 0m79, weight: 29 kilos
Decoration : false case of waxed cypress inside a poplar case painted in the colour of your choice.
Stand: Turned Italian style legs
Transposition: 415/440/466 Hertz
Poids : 29 kilos

*The short octave, very widespread at the 17th century, consists in replacing the sharps of the first bass octave which are not often used, by the naturals which are missing on these small keyboards.

The normal disposition : E , F , F #, G , G #, A , B , H, C
is replaced by : C , F , D , G , E , A , B, H , C.

This disposition saves a lot of space, and makes it possible to play very wide chords easily.

Price: 15 900 €